Discuss how wealthy nations use the labor of developing nations.

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are two parts for this
1) “The Environment: Pollution,” Hite and Seitz (2021)
discuss the existing tension between development and the environment. Development brings economic growth as well as social and
environmental changes. To a developing country, economic growth may be of a
higher priority than the consequences to the long-term health of its citizens
or its environment. On the other hand, poverty can also harm the environment,
for example, when searching for land to farm contributes to deforestation.
TASK A: 1) Discuss
how wealthy nations use the labor of developing nations. 2) Do wealthy nations (using the labor of developing nations)
have responsibilities to the people and environment of that country? Why or why
not? NOTE! Be sure to use examples
from the Hite chapter readings regarding existing companies to
support your response. Please remember to properly cite all credible
sources including your chapter readings.

Please respond to the rebuttal with 5-to 7 sentences
Wealthy nations tend
to take advantage of developing nations by promising them something for labor.
They promise to give them food or water in return for their people working on
projects for the wealthy nation. Barry Commoner’s Fourth Law of Ecology- There
is no such thing as a free lunch – means that for every gain there is some
cost. ( Hite and Seitz, 2021) They will take people from developing
nations and possibly promise them a better life or citizenship in return for
work, but never actually follow through with it.
Yes, I believe they do
have a responsibility to the people and environment of the country they
are using for labor. While the developing country could be working to improve
their own country they have decided to instead work for the wealthier country
of course in return for something. They not only have a responsibility to the
person themselves for taking them from their family, but to the country also.
Your using people from another country that is somewhat less fortunate than you
to work in your country then you owe them the same effort in their country.