Discuss the 20th Century Caribbean History: Exploring The Impact of USA’s Embargo on Cuba.

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Pages: 2

Primary Source- Proclamation 3447—Embargo on All Trade with Cuba | The American Presidency Project (ucsb.edu)

Outline Title: Intro summary (bullet points)

These are the 5 main points they will each need 3 sub points for support
1. Events and context leading to the imposition of the U.S. embargo on Cuba
2. Fidel Castro’s response towards the embargo
3. Economic consequences of the embargo on Cuba, considering factors such as trade restrictions, limitations on access to U.S. markets, and the impact on key industries.
4. Economic consequences of the embargo impact on the Cuban population, including its effects on healthcare, education, and daily life.
5. US citizens permitted travel to Cuba considered Partial alleviation of embargo proclamation and what that means for Cuba