Discuss the novel as it relates to existentialism and colonialism.

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Assignment: Your essay need to have a clear argument that is your own which is made clear in your thesis and supported throughout the text.
I have listed a number of questions to consider, but do not feel as though you must reply to every question. Your purpose in this assignment is to analyze the text in regards to gender (option 1), existentialism (option 2), and war (option 3).
Camus, The Stranger (Synopsis according to Goodreads.com): The Stranger is a tent-pole of existentialism, a philosophy that stresses the importance of humanity in the face of God’s supposed absence. Through the story of an ordinary man unwittingly drawn into a senseless murder on an Algerian beach, Camus explored what he termed “the nakedness of man faced with the absurd.”
Directions: Discuss the novel as it relates to existentialism and colonialism. Define existentialism and explain its place within the novel, and decide if you think this colonial setting is directly related to the existentialism or absurdism in which the novel is often contextualized. Does this existentialism (or absurdismyou can articulate if you think these are different), in your opinion, relate to the protagonist, a Frenchman living in colonized Algiers? What does it mean that the man that Meursault murders is not named, and simply called The Arab? Do you think the titular Stranger is the Arab, or Meursault?

Be sure to support your claims with discussions of the plot, and be sure to refer specifically to the primary text (with no lessthan 8 citations). You are also required to use at least two outside ACADEMIC sources LOG IN TO ARTICLES RELEASED after HIRE.
Reference material (dictionaries, encyclopedias) cannot be used as your academic sources.
Preceding your essay, you must provide an outline of your essay which will be attached on files