Discuss the penalties that were imposed on the offenders.

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Discuss and analyze this case available in the https://sherloc.unodc.org/cld/case-law-doc/cybercrimecrimetype/usa/2018/united_states_of_america_v._andre-catalin_stoica_et_al._no._5-18-cr-81-jmh_e.d._ky._jul._5_2018.html?lng=en&tmpl=sherloc Kindly write the report based on the evaluation criteria. Dissertation should include an answer to the following questions : 1) A group is involved in this crime: What type of group is it? Why do you think so? 2) Identify the crimes that were committed by this group? 3) A cryptocurrency was used by the criminals : • Which cryptocurrency was used? • Why is it used? • How are cryptocurrencies used by cyber-organized criminals? 4) Identify the special investigative techniques that were used to apprehend the criminals? 5) Was this a transnational organized crime? Did it require international cooperation to be solved? 6) Discuss the penalties that were imposed on the offenders. Format: Type of Document: Report well-structured, with clear headings for each section. Word Limit: Maximum 1500 words References: Use credible sources for your research. Evaluation Criteria: Understanding of Organized Cybercrime: Depth of analysis regarding the criminal group and their activities. Cryptocurrency Insight: Clarity in explaining the role of cryptocurrency in the case. Investigative Techniques Analysis: Ability to identify and evaluate the effectiveness of law enforcement methods. Transnational Crime and Cooperation: Understanding of international law enforcement dynamics in the context of the case. Penalties and Legal Discussion: Insight into the legal consequences faced by the criminals. Quality of Writing: Clarity, coherence, and adherence to the word limit and formatting guidelines.