Discuss the pros and cons of national debt, deficit spending, budget surplus, etc…

Research Paper
This will be a test of your ability to grasp and synthesize main topics in economics. I expect your treatment of the topic to be thorough – I am expecting to see your thoughts and ideas, not the so-called experts. The length of the paper should be no less than five pages in length, with at least 1,400 words, double spaced, Arial font (12 points) and must cite at least three sources. The cover and reference pages are not to be included in the page or word count of the paper. The paper not to exceed 20% of similarity according to Safe Assign. Please upload your paper in a Microsoft Word Document or your paper will not be graded. Please post your work as an attachment on Blackboard using Microsoft word by the due date. I don’t accept and paper by email
Note: if you have any problems with this assignment please contact me ASAP! No late papers will be accepted.
Please select from one of the following topics (I expect you to thoroughly research and discuss one of the following topics. Cite your sources and use what you’ve learned in the class)
1) Discuss the implications of a tax cut. How would this impact the US economy. Let’s keep the discussion strictly to the economic impact.
2) The Federal Reserve System. How it operates, its future role in monetary policy.
3) Taxes again. How does the U.S. taxation system (Federal, State, Local, sales, excise, etc.) compare with others around the world? How much do we really pay in taxes on average?
4) Discuss the pros and cons of national debt, deficit spending, budget surplus, etc…
5) Discuss US fiscal policy: how it is managed, directed, controlled, formulated.
I am most interested in seeing reports which reflect “your” thoughts and what you’ve learned in the class. Don’t get caught up in whether what you put forth is right or wrong, or if you change position in midstream. I want to see how you THINK. This is an opportunity for you to put some theory into practice. Enjoy and just remember I am looking for your thoughts.

NOTE: Please Let me know which topic you choose, THANK YOU!

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