Discuss the theory, concept, model or method and its usefulness in explaining what happened in the event.

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Assignment Purpose and Overview: A communication event analysis paper focuses on meaningful communication activity, describes it, and analyzes it using a relevant theory set of theories. The “event” is a communication episode that involve significant interpersonal communication activity. The interpersonal event can be real or one presented via mediated communication, such as film or television. Students will complete an ICEA to examine and analyze concepts of interpersonal communication throughout the term.
Assignment Instructions: This week analyze a communication event that focuses on a meaningful communication activity related to managing conflict and/or conflict resolution. This paper will be at least 3-4 pages in length and describe, analyze and explain the communication event. You will use an interpersonal communication theory, concept or method to analyze what you observed. Please included the information below in your APA formatted paper.
The ICEA should include the following:
A summary description of the event, i.e., what, when, how the event happened, who was involved, and other pertinent descriptive information (e.g., where it appeared or occurred). Explain the communication activity. Clearly describe if this was a mediated event or if it was observed in real-life.
Explain and provide a description of an interpersonal theory, method, model or concept from the weekly readings that will be used to analyze the communication event, as well as a rationale (explanation) for using the theory. In this section explain the theory, concept, method or model you will use in the analysis. Tell the reader everything they need to know about the concept, theory, method or model. Be very descriptive.
Application of the theory to the event, in other words, analysis of the event using the theory or theories. A good theoretical analysis of a communication event should provide insights into that event that description alone cannot. Clearly analyze what type of communication concepts were observed and which theory you found relevant. Explain the interpersonal situation using course concepts.
Evaluation of the theory’s or theories’ usefulness in understanding the communication event. Discuss the theory, concept, model or method and its usefulness in explaining what happened in the event. Provide your academic opinion of the effectiveness of the concept, method, model or theory selected when considering the interpersonal communicative event observed for this exercise.
The discussion should introduce communication concepts from a theory appropriate for analyzing the event and then apply those concepts. For example, a communication incident might be meaningfully understood via small group theories and concepts (groupthink, coalitions), interpersonal theories and concepts (compliance-gaining, self-disclosure), organizational theories and concepts (culture, climate), and so on. This analysis should be specific (rather than generic), thus demonstrating your ability to interpret communication activity in terms of pertinent interpersonal communication theories and concepts.
This should be in complete APA format and at least 3-4 pages in length.