Discuss the way the education system works and how education is presented to students.

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Subject: Education

The readings for Essay 1 discuss the way the education system works and how education is presented to students. Some of the readings are quite critical of what the education system offers individuals of varying educational backgrounds, race, and class, whether it is through the perspective of an educational historian or a first-hand account. Others offer insight into what needs to be done to create a productive, empowering learning environment for students. Further, most of the readings question how much the education system truly prepares students to be successful in life, and, even further, within the social, economic, and political structures that exist in this country and beyond.

The Prompt

For Essay 1, I would like you to consider what things are most important in an educational experience to prepare students to be successful, fulfilled members of society. Then, I want you to write an informative essay in which you explain three specific requirements for an effective education system. Importantly, as you inform your audience of these requirements, it is important to explain each one in depth and explain why they would be effective and benefit students.

Use ideas presented in the texts that we have read as well as your own thoughts on the matter to determine what you think makes an effective education. As you develop your ideas, explain why these three requirements should be implemented and how they create an effective education. Finally, close your essay with a conclusion that appeals for the implementation of these things in order to improve the current state of the education system. The requirements you propose can include points focused on the type of subject matter that should be taught, effective methods used to teach students, and the types of support and resources that are needed, among other things. You will need to use textual evidence from 2-3 texts from the Essay 1 readings to support your claim. (Texts outside of our reading and viewing list for Essay 1 should not be used in this essay.)

Importantly, you may use whatever education system you are familiar with to focus on in this essay. While the selected texts mostly discuss education in the U.S., your essay does not have to


Compose a well-organized introduction paragraph that sets up the discussion in the essay
Create a thesis that makes a claim about three requirements for an effective education system/experience
Provide specific reasoning to support your main claim
Incorporate textual evidence from 2-3 texts for Essay 1 to support your reasoning
Write using third person point of view only

“Learning to Read” by Malcom X
“Engaged Pedagogy” by bell hooks
“I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose
“The Essentials of a Good Education” by Diane Ravitch
“Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need to Succeed” by Keld Jensen
“How Thinking Works” Ted Talk by Dr. Derek Cabrera
“The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” by Paolo Freire
Tips for Writing This Essay

Consider this your opportunity to create a “dream” educational experience in which you can decide what things should be taught and how they should be taught. To help answer this prompt, think about what you would want to see happening in education. What would the class environment be like? How would teachers approach things? What topics would be taught? These are just a few guiding questions that can help you determine your three requirements for an effective education system.
Additionally, it is a good idea to create your definition of an effective education to guide the discussion in the essay. This should take place in the first body paragraph, after the introduction.
Imagine that your audience is a group of people who are concerned about the quality of education they, or someone they care about, is receiving.

Does the introduction paragraph provide the necessary information? (hook, topic, background information, context, and thesis.) Identify anything that is missing.

Does the thesis make a specific claim about the three requirements for an effective education?

A thesis statement should have three parts: a topic, point, and reason. Identify these three parts in the thesis. (Write them out.) Identify if anything is missing.

Does the author explain three separate requirements for an effective education throughout the body of the essay? Are they thoroughly explained? Is there anything that can be explained more in depth?

Does the author explain how the requirements would help to create an effective education? What, if anything, can be explained more in depth?

Is the essay focused on the requirements for an effective education? (Rather, for example, then issues in education.)