Discuss your initial thoughts about the solution/challenge/aspect presented in the video.

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Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Assignment 1: Due day 6/17
please write a one-page essay with at least 3 citations
Topic: What is meant by Business Ethics?

Assignment 2: Due day 6/17
Please watch this video and write a one-page essay

CLO: Explore and understand ethical behaviors in business affect company performance, and analyze the costs associated with unethical business strategies and behavior. Learn how to apply concepts of social responsibility and environmental sustainability while maintaining allegiance to company growth and shareholder value.

State a course CLO that the video relates to and how it relates to the CLO
Discuss your initial thoughts about the solution/challenge/aspect presented in the video
Present what you would do different in terms of the solution presented in the video
Include the industry example demonstrating the application of your researched vide

Assignment 3: Due day 6/19
Please write a six-page essay with 8 citations about Accredo Packaging Inc. I attached the textbook and Accredo pdf file.

How would you describe the organization of your companys top management team?
Is some decision making decentralized and delegated to individual managers?
If so, explain how the decentralization works. Or are decisions made more by consensus, with all co-managers having input?
What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the decision-making approach your company is employing?

Please include these concepts in the essay
Decentralization is an organizational structure in which middle and lower-level managers choose everyday operations and decision-making responsibilities.
Strategic Approaches to a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
A best-cost provider strategy gives customers more value by satisfying their expectations
A focused differentiation strategy outcompetes rivals in a niche market by providing buyers customized and exclusive attributes.
Mission Statement conveys a company’s purpose in language specific enough to give the company its own identity.
Critical success factors are the strategy elements, product attributes, competitive capabilities, or intangible assets with the most significant impact on future success in the marketplace.
Corporate Culture is a firm’s internal work climate shaped by its core values, beliefs, and business principles. A firm’s culture is essential because it influences its traditions, work practices, and operating style.
Standout cultural traits
Characteristics of High-Performance Cultures
Accredo Mission Statement: Accredo Packaging, Inc. manufactures and supplies sustainable high added value flexible packaging predominantly for the pre-packaged foods and consumer products markets in North America.