Discussion Board Assignment – “Your Favorite Books”

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Pages: 3
Subject: Premium Writing

For this Discussion Board assignment you will be required to create a thread with a brief list and discussion of some of your favorite books and authors, and you will be required to reply to the threads of at least two (2) other students.
The purpose of this Discussion Board is for students to discuss their experience with one of the big Humanities genres – literature – and to recommend books to others and find new books to explore.
Create your favorite books thread:
Click on “Create Thread”
Type your name as the “Subject” for the thread
In the “Message” box, type your list and discussion of your favorite books and authors:
List at least 5 of your favorite books that you have read in your life (for school, for leisure, etc.)
The books you choose can be fiction novels, nonfiction, graphic novels, books of poetry, or even novelized forms of theatrical plays. However, your selections should not be textbooks, technical manuals, or reference books.
Choose one of the books you listed above, and briefly describe why you like it so much in at least 4-5 sentences.
Who is one of your favorite authors? This can be the writer of one of the books you chose above, or a completely new writer. Briefly describe why you like the writings of this author so much in at least 4-5 sentences.
Your written responses should focus on your own thoughts, ideas, and opinions – don’t just describe the book or author, tell us why you are personally drawn to the writings and what you think about them.
DO NOT COPY & PASTE OR OTHERWISE PLAGIARIZE YOUR RESPONSES – you must write in your own words. Plagiarism will result in a zero assignment grade and academic penalties.
Type your responses in complete sentences.
When you are finished, click the blue “Submit” button to post your thread!