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Identifying Correlational and Experimental Research
For this exercise, visit http://psych.hanover.edu/research/exponnet.html and participate in a correlational study or an experimental study. After doing so, answer the following questions:
Which study did you select? (provide the title, if available, and the link)
Was there an informed consent process? If so, what was it? (We will cover informed consent fully in Week 8/Chapter 3, but let’s start thinking about it now.*)
Briefly explain the study that you, as a participant, were required to do for this study.
Was the study experimental or correlational?
Which features made it experimental or correlational?
If the study was correlational, what were the main variables measured, and which did they think were predictor and criterion variables?
If the study was experimental, what were the independent and dependent variables?
Were any measures taken to control extraneous variables? If so, what were they?
Does the study seem to have external validity? Internal validity? Why or why not?
How could this study be changed from a correlational to an experimental study or from an experimental to a correlational study?
Why did the researchers use the approach they did (correlational or experimental)?
* Informed Consent is the process of telling (informing) research participants enough about the study and what they are expected to do in the study to make a decision on whether or not to participate. We will learn more about this when we read Chapter 7.++


Please answer the questions as it is!

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