Dreams and aging

Words: 10
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

This is a 8 page literature review with a minimum of 8 references on the research of a specific area of dreams and dreaming. The paper must be in APA-7 format with a title page and reference section.
The entire paper is a maximum of 10 pages, with the body of the paper as 8 pages, the title page, and reference section. (can be more than 1 page for references)
The topics are ONE of the following:
1. The scientific study of nightmares (any area of investigation)

2. The scientific study of dreams and colours

3. The scientific study of dreams and aging

Introduction ( 5 marks )
Introduce the topic and the literature that will be reviewed. This is a review paper which will be based only on the research without personal opinion or a thesis.
Body of the Paper ( 5 marks )
Review and summarize the research and the findings. You do not have to detail the methods and results for each paper but rather, a general review is needed. Also, where appropriate, compare the papers to each other.
Conclusions (5 marks )
Summarize the overall findings that can be made from the literature and include limitations and future directions of the research.
References ( 5 marks )
Minimum of 8 empirical references. Proper referencing throughout the body of the paper.
APA format throughout the paper including the title page, in-text citations, and reference section ( 3 marks ) + (2 marks) for the writing and organization of the paper