Early American History: Literature Review

Words: 332
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Guidelines: Literature
Select one
of the research topics (List Below)
Develop a
possible research question related to your topic.
Selection: Use the college Library resources to select a total of TEN quality scholarly
sources that will help you answer your research topic question.
*Write a
brief (2-5 sentence) summary of each source AND
*Explain how
it contributes to the current understanding of the topic and helps answer your
research question. (2-5 sentences)
Your sources must include the following:
Three articles from college Library-provided databases.
book or eBook sources from the college library.
Three (scholarly,
quality, relevant) website sources.
One primary source.
Chicago/Turabian format alphabetical order.
will be submitted to Turnitin

Topic Options: Choose from 30+
Pre-Columbian America,
An Indigenous Nation from the colonial or pre-Columbian period, Columbian
Exchange, Encomienda, Motivations for
English colonization in the Americas, Spanish colonization in the Americas, French
colonization in the Americas, Dutch colonization in the Americas, Russian colonization in the Americas, Mercantilism, St. Augustine, Virginia colony, Maryland colony., Powhatan
and the Virginia Indians, Colonial Indentured Servitude, Colonial Slavery, Plymouth colony, Massachusetts
Bay colony, Pennsylvania colony, The Carolinas, New Netherlands colony, LaFlorida/Florida
colony, New France, Mayflower Compact, Bacons Rebellion, Pequot War, The New England Confederation, King
Philips War, The Dominion of New England, The Navigation Acts, The French and Indian War/Seven Years War, Iroquois League