There are times when all you have is an amalgam of ideas and you sort of write them all down. However, when you read it, it comes across as incoherent and unorganized. Either you need to structure and organize content yourself or rely on a professional to do the job for you.

StrictlyWriting provides you with high quality editing services for your research papers, essays, and other assignments. We don’t only arrange the content for you in a logical manner but also add and delete words, phrases, and sentences to ensure there’s a smooth flow to your written content.

Who Is The Service For?

  • Individuals, entrepreneurs, and students who want a professional editor to take a look at their work and make it better.
  • Amateur writers who have just begun their career but aren’t sure about their writing quality.
  • Students who want their ideas to turn into a coherent and well-put-together assignment or essay.
  • Students who have already written their assignment but want a second opinion on their essay or paper to make it better.

Features of Our Editing Service

Structural Editing

The first step we take is to go through all the written content and arrange it in a manner that flows in a logical way. This ensures improved readability.

Phrasing and Line Editing

The second phase of editing involves reading and correcting or improving all the sentences and phrases to make them more impactful.


The editing process also involves top-notch proofreading to ensure there aren’t any typographical, grammatical, or other types of errors.

Free Edits / Revisions

StrictlyWriting facilitates its customers in every way. That’s why you have the option to come back to us for completely free edits and revisions.