Engineering Competency-Self-Assessment

Youre to complete self-assessment of an engineer who worked in Nigeria but has to prove to the Canadian engineering body that he his an engineer who practised the profession hence the self assessment for competency. To get this right, youre to Talk about the situation of the project, action that you took which made it a success and then final outcome of the project. finally give a short example how it would have been applied if the project was done in Canada.
Each topic should be in individual page. The topics are marked in red. Competency to be demonstrated are also outlined under every topic as well as the indicators on what the essay should be. I have also attached what the competency form looks like.
Please note; youre to talk about power projects, I have attached an example of the self-assessment essay I wrote in the past. Which I believe will help you. You can use your own experience or research any power projects from any country but pls make sure you remember to change the voltage to 230kva which is what we use in Nigeria.
Minimum words per page 550- 700 words.
Total pages 10

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