Explain 3 to 4 ways in which resumes in your chosen country differ from resumes in the U.S.A.

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Part 1: The Message
Five years ago, you graduated from Sam Houston State Universitys College of Business Administration. Since then, you have worked in the Career Services department of your alma mater. Your job is to help students get jobsby helping them with resumes, interviews, networking, and other parts of the job-search process.
Recently, several students have come to you and expressed interest in working in other countries. You know that the job search process is different in other parts of the world. In particular, the document that gets a person an interviewthe resumediffers a great deal depending on the country or region.
You think that the idea of working overseas is intriguing, and youd like to help students at Sam learn more about writing resumes for international jobs. Youve also started to think about looking for jobs overseas yourselfso you might use this information, too!
Your task for this assignment is to compose Aa ROUTINE MESSAGE that explains to your fellow students the differences between resumes in the U.S. A. and resumes in another country/international region. For this assignment, choose ONE country (like Japan, Germany, Mexico, or the Brazil) or region that interests you.
Your message should:
Follow the principles of routine messages discussed in Chapter 9 (Pay special attention to the direct message format in the chapter video)
Explain 3 to 4 ways in which resumes in your chosen country differ from resumes in the U.S.A.
Cite information from any source that you use (both in-text citations and full reference at the end).
Paraphrase all information from your sources (i.e., no direct quotations!)
Include proper in-text citations in the message itself
Include a full reference after the end of the message
Follow proper email format (check through your book for examples)
Be between 200 and 400 words
Be clear, concise, and free of errors
Follow all the criteria in the Routine Message Checklist (see Blackboard)
In composing this message, you may create any additional details you feel may be helpful.
Part 2: Self-Analysis of the Message
For Part 2 of this assignment, respond to the prompts and questions below. Each response should be between 25 and 75 words long and should follow good writing practice (complete sentences, proper grammar and punctuation, etc.).
In your own words, describe deductive/direct format. In your description, explain how the content in a routine message is organized and describe the situations in which this format is most appropriate.
Explain why deductive/direct format is appropriate for the message you have written for this assignment.
Describe how the message you composed conforms to the deductive/direct format strategy described in the Chapter 9 mini-lecture.
Chapter 9 lecture: https://shsu.blackboard.com/webapps/osv-kaltura-BB5c0f632563f2b/LtiMashupPlayIframeWrapperResponsive?playUrl=/browseandembed/index/media/entryid/0_8npnpt7q/showDescription/false/showTitle/false/showTags/false/showDuration/false/showOwner/false/showUploadDate/false/playerSize/400×285/playerSkin/27473392/&course_id=_163078_1&content_id=_6609625_1