Explain a concept of political socialization or public opinion using one political cartoon.

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Explain a concept of political socialization or public opinion
using one political cartoon from the following examples. Be sure to
incorporate an aspect of the chapter’s content in your post:


(Choose one and include the picture in your post)
Discussion Directions:

You are required to create a post for this discussion topic (see the
Course Schedule for dates). Your discussion post should incorporate
one content aspect from the assigned material and should incorporate material
from one website research reference. You are required to include a proper
reference citation at the end of the post. The website where you found
the cartoon does not count towards the reference citation requirement.
You may respond to another student’s post, but are not required to do so.

Discussion Format:

The post should be no fewer than 15 sentences, be no more than 25, and should
adhere to proper grammatical and spelling guidelines. If you require
assistance, please utilize the online tool “Grade Results” or the
Writing Lab on campus. Your post’s content should attempt to
conscientiously and accurately contribute to comprehension of the course
material and must include a reference to a relevant website. It may also
refer or respond to an earlier post by another student. Your post must be
original and must not be similar in content to another student’s
post. Please do not attach your post in a separate Word document, but type
it in the box provided instead.