Explain how culture and subculture influence consumer behavior?

Chapter 6 Chapter 6 review .pptx
What is motivation? What is the role of motivation in marketing?
How do culture and subculture influence consumer behavior? What is the significance of social class to Marketers?

Chapter 7 Chapter 7.pptx Presentation.pptx
1. What are the characteristics of business buyers?
2. What is single sourcing,? Multiple sourcing? Outsourcing?

Chapter 8 Kamelamela Week 2 Discussion Chapter Assignments.pptx

Soc350 Lacy Campochiaro Ch8-1.ppsx


1. List and explain the major demographic characteristics frequently used in segmenting consumer markets?
2. What are some of the ways Marketers segment business markets?

Chapter 9 Viviana Chapter 9.pptx
1.What is database marketing? How do marketers use databases to better meet the needs of their customers?

2.What techniques are used to gather data in exploratory research? How can exploratory research be useful
to marketers.

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