Explain how to put pressure on team members who do not stick to the plan and deliver what is needed by time?

Words: 491
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

I am looking for an author who has profound knowledge on how to create a short movie – the skills that are required to make a story compelling, exciting, and entertaining.
yourself in the shoes of a master student whose task was to create a story
within a group of 6 people and produce a short movie. We did not have any experience.
All of us were rookies.
The essay should contain the typical
struggle of any teamwork nobody knew each other, not everyone is ready to put
120% of their energy into it. How to convince my colleagues to take my ideas?
How to put pressure on team members who do not stick to the plan and deliver what
is needed by time? And essentially, what did I learn? You can be creative and
invent something. I will adjust them if they do not match my personality.

you will find some ideas, the process I have gone through. Please take that as
a guideline for the essay.

Additionally, please choose 2
of the papers I uploaded, take a subject you think is exciting, and base the
essay on it.

Furthermore, a very very brief
summary of the movie should be included in the essay. Please find, therefore, the
treatment attached.

Finally, the overall message
should be:
I think is both the blessing,
and the curse of having attended this course.
Here, being a storyteller and
the filmmaker it also means that you will never be able again to look with
innocent eyes at a piece of film. And at the back of your head,
that will be your writers your directors your actors or your producers
perspective of thinking huh what did they put the camera how did they like
this, I wonder where they hit the MIC damn that must have been expensive, how
did they get the actor to do this.Does
the story make sense; do the visuals match the audio; how is the acting
performance; what is lacking; where are the mistakes; is the story compelling,why,
why not?; What works excellently?; Is the music appropriate? Etc.