Explain how we can understand the meanings in art and how do these pieces connect to us?

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After reviewing Lesson 5 and reading chapters 5-6 in your art appreciation textbook or chapter 2 in your drama textbook and come back here for a discussion on understanding art and how art connects to our lives.
Welcome Professors!
That is right, this week you each get to be a professor.
This week we are talking about both the visual arts and the performing arts the meaning behind them. As professors you have a vast amount of knowledge that you have gained on the subject. There are students in this class who know little to nothing on the matter, so I am going to need you to expand on what you know. How can we understand the meanings in art and how do these pieces connect to us? Use examples.
I know it is tough with so many classes to cover and a busy social life, and sometimes we professors forget things, so let’s make sure we support each other and give each other feedback. Some of the things we professors sometimes forget to add are things like: What the media is; Who made it; How it is made; Why it was made (religion, an event in history, politics, is it iconographic, etc.; Where it was made? Oh, and examples, students love examples. Upload an image of the painting, drawing, etching, sculpture, architecture, play, or music, etc. Add a brief description of that image too and tell us where you retrieved it from. For example, if you found the image in your text book, tell us which book and page. But, you are all top-notch professors; I seriously doubt you will forget to share any of this information with your students.
*Feel free to make this assignment fun. Make a video, power point, or write your lecture and address it to your class.
Cite your sources in MLA format.