Explain the basic premise of each of the approaches.

Before you begin this assignment, make sure that you read
Chapter 1, paying special attention to the section titled, “Mode of Enquiry Perspective.”
You are the assistant fire chief of a fire department in a
growing suburban metropolitan area. The department currently has four stations
and 57 full-time employees. Because of the growth of the area, an additional
fire station must be built. The city manager has tasked the fire chief with
conducting research to determine the best place to build the new fire station
and how to staff new fire apparatus once it opens. The fire chief, in turn, is
delegating some of the responsibility of completing the initial research to
Using knowledge that you have gained from this unit, compare
and contrast the three approaches to research (quantitative, qualitative, and
mixed methods), and provide an overview to the fire chief about how she can
best approach addressing the city manager’s request.
Be sure to address
the following topics in your essay.
Explain the basic
premise of each of the approaches.
Explain how the
three approaches are similar.
Explain how the
three approaches differ.
Explain when you
would use one approach over the other.
Do you think one
approach is better than the others?
Justify your
recommendation to the fire chief on which approach to research would be most
appropriate to meet the city manager’s request.
Your essay must be at least two full (but not more than
five) pages in length, not including the required title and reference pages. It
must also contain at least two sources in addition to your textbook.