Fictional Story

Check the file that I send.

You are to imagine an ethical dilemma in the workplace and then subsequently solve the dilemma using all information learned in the course. The ethical dilemma must include someone you know well (friend, family member) engaging in an unethical action. Your friend or family member is the culprit, the antagonist in the story. The paper must be written in 2500 words 12-point Times New Roman font, with spacing 1.5, fully justified paragraphs, with an indent for each paragraph. When someone speaks, their comments must be in quotes.

Citations. You are not required to cite materials, but you are required to explain the concepts we discussed in the course. I will look for at least five (5) concepts learned in the course. Please put in bold letters the concepts we discussed in the class, and those which you are using to solve the ethical dilemma.