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Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Revise your Week 8 Assignment to produce a 5- to 6-page paper:

Introduce the contemporary family issue, defining key terms and sharing relevant background.
Based on what you have learned about this issue, public attitudes toward it, laws and policies related to it, and coverage in the media, identify a subtopic, or narrowed focus, of the contemporary family issue that needs advocacy.
Justify why thi subtopic or narrowed focus requires advocacy.
Describe your plan for change related to this subtopic or narrowed focus by explaining what you will do, deliver, or produce to advocate on behalf of families affected by the issue.
Identify at least one (1) organization you could partner with as part of this advocacy in order to affect change. Justify why this organization is an appropriate choice.
Explain how advocating for this subtopic, or narrowed
Refer to, and properly cite, sources to support your ideas throughout this Assignment.
Include the screenshot from your submission to the Career Hub portfolio.
Create and record a PowerPoint presentation based on the advocacy paper with at least 7 slides:

Introduce the contemporary family issue.
Identify the subtopic, or narrowed focus, related to this issue that requires advocacy, and then justify why advocacy is needed.
Describe the advocacy and plan for change.
Identify an appropriate organization to partner with, and then explain why.
Explain how this advocacy can create positive social change.
Include a References List.
The presentation should be easy to read, interesting to look at, and professional appearing.
Your recording should feature the slides and your narration along with yourself on camera. The narration should be clear and easy to understand.