Final ProjectBusiness MemoOrganizational Structures and Processes

Words: 281
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Submit a business memo, written to your instructor
that explains how you plan to incorporate your learning from the week into your
Final Project. Your memo should include the following:
Your ideas and recommendations on how United Healthcare
(insurance company) can modify its present organizational structures to be
more efficient and effective in the future, making better use of
information and information systems for decision making
Your recommendations for alternative approaches United
Healthcare (the insurance company) might take to promote and implement
better processes to support better decision making within the current
organizational structure(s)
Other relevant recommendations or issues that you
identified, as they relate to the content and your learning from the week

Please review the article, Creating a Process-Oriented Enterprise at
Pinnacle West”, which is content for this week’s learning.
Please review Week 5 Discussion post based on the article for
content and learning for the week.