Financial Analysis Report – Resubmit

Words: 556
Pages: 3
Subject: Premium Writing


THIS IS A RESIT ASSIGNMENT- I can provide details on my first paper and feedback.

Prepare a financial analysis report of WIZZ AIR HOLDINGS. Your report should be based on the latest financial statements of the company and other relevant information.
*If a group of companies, use the consolidated financial statements

Your report should include:

Background information about the company and its industry.

A detailed evaluation of the following aspects of the firm’s performance:
Short-term liquidity
Capital structure
Issues revealed by the company’s Statement of Cash Flows.
Word Limit 1,500 words.

Your analysis should yield inferences for each of the five areas mentioned above. Your analysis MUST discuss the performance of the company in each of the areas given above; it is not enough to say the results have changed. You must explain why the change has occurred! In other words, look at the figures behind the ratios to help determine what has happened and explain what has happened. You are NOT required to give the definition of each ratio.


Report is well presented (front cover, word count, table of contents, page numbers). Good writing style and grammar, well-organised, demonstrates good use of graphs and charts.
Bibliography in accordance with the HARVARD system. 5

Brief discussion of the company’s business; position within the industry; recent developments in the industry and other significant information.
Detailed evaluation:
Critical analysis of the ratios relating to the firm, together with a detailed analysis of the changes in the ratios and explanations of the possible reasons for the changes:
Short-term liquidity
Capital structure
Operating efficiency
Issues revealed by the company’s Statement of Cash Flows
The main points in each category above (i – v) to be supported with good explanations, examples and use of information obtained from the company’s annual report, the financial press and other external sources.


Critically analyse and interpret financial statements for identified purposes; and

Exercising initiative as related to information technology in the location of financial data to enable the accurate and efficient preparation of financial statements together with the analysis thereof.
The application of different methodologies for preparing and analysing financial information together with a comprehensive awareness of their strengths and limitations.

Independently solving complex structured and unstructured business problems taking account of relevant legal, professional and commercial factors.
Effective academic and professional communication of opinions and conclusions relating to financial data in a logical, analytical, coherent and reasoned manner.
Critical analyse and interpretation financial information, selecting appropriate techniques and showing an appreciation of their potential limitations.