Floyds Justice

Words: 426
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

The assignment itself is simple: respond to and compare the readings below with your own observations and experiences (one is an excerpt from The New Jim Crow, a legal studies text concerning mass incarceration as a form of oppression against communities of color, one an article from Gothamist about lingering trauma in the wake of Chauvins conviction, one about Columbus police killing MaKhia Bryant, a Black sixteen-year-old, moments before the Chauvin verdict was announced). But, of course, the assignment is not so simple, as these issues are anything but abstract. So please write openly and honestly and further inform your observations and experiences with some of the research which has been done1 to clarify and combat this cruel and ongoing element of the American experiment.
Credit will be assigned according to scope and length of response, depth of experiences and sources incorporated, and consideration of the histories and legacies at issue. That is to say, write to express but also explore and expand your thoughts.