FORENSIC SCIENCE: Crime Scene Documentation

Please answer the following five (5) questions:
1. Why are elimination and control samples critical?
2. In the example crime scene scenario laid out in this chapter, the victim moved or has been moved. How would you classify the vehicle in which that person was moved?
3. You are an analyst assigned to study the shoe shown in Figure 3.13 (the shoe with the yellow evidence marker #26). What type of information would you collect?
4. Why is evidence considered tainted if there is a break in the chain of custody?
5. Suppose you are responsible for organizing a crime scene search of a large open field. You have three assistants. Which method would you use and why?

Note: your responses should be comprehensive in nature, using complete sentences and incorporation of the questions. Example: A control sample is …. An elimination sample is ….. They are critical to …….