Forest in Canada: What are the current market and economic issues?

– apply the theoretical concepts and models of natural resource economics to
the real-life insights, policies, and
decisions. The term paper will focus on a specific issue in the
theories of natural resource economics in the
Canadian and in the global context rather than
addressing various and general issues at the same time. It should
start immediately with
analyzing and discussing the given topic.

– Your analysis, evaluations
and critique, and explanations stressing how theoretical models and concepts are
applied to real
life would be more valuable. It is also very important to discuss the underlying theories, concepts
and assumptions. The term paper must be a research based, and therefore, it must use at least 4 academic

-paper should be structured as follows:
 Title, (cover page)
 Introduction
 Discussion and Analysis (the main content of the paper)
 Summary and Conclusion
 References

Figures and tables should be inserted in the text where appropriate.

Some Economic theories to include:
Measuring Costs and Benefits
Dynamic Efficient Extraction
Cost and technological change
Dynamic Effieciency