Frozen meal market

I need a professional powerpoint presentation with a script regarding the frozen meal market. The aim of the presentation is to show the current market with projections. Evidence of the australian market would be best but if that information is not available then use the US market. The presentation is to also show that the market does not currently include frozen/prepared VEGAN, LOW CARB/HIGH PROTEIN meals. This kind of meal is designed for the vegan trying to lose weight. With this information, it will be vital to include a comparison of macros of the vegan options that are already in the market;protein, carbs and fats.
I have already gathered some general information for this project but need to to be colated and made presentable. Regarding citations, any facts anmd figures will need to be tracable to its original source so that I know it is reliable but do not want this information to interupt the profession presentation itself.