Globalization and human rights discourse

Write a reflection paper/journal on “globalization and human rights discourse” that is between 1000 words using the following guideline:
Introduction: Summarize what you consider the main thrust and highlights of the module’s required reading.
Five Themes: Select any five themes from the reading and analyze them using the following guideline:
Explain what the theme is;
How does the idea help in shedding light on what is happening in the global and local community;
How does the idea relate to social work practice?
How does the idea help explain how human rights and justice are realized or obstructed at the global, national, state, and local community levels?
Conclusion: Identify any two ethical issues that are relevant to your analysis of the five themes showing strengths or limitations of the ethical line of reasoning informing the ethical issue you have chosen.
Watch The Take 2004 Occupy, Resist, Produce! (1:27:04) Page
Witness – Witness – The Colony
Watch Is Europe Serious About Helping Africa? (25:00) Page
Globalization and Human Rights in the Developing World – p. 118-170