Hate in Contemporary America

All answers must be sourced from the following book:
Perspectives on Hate How It Originates, Develops, Manifests, and Spreads. Robert J. Sternberg

Write a three-page paper answering the following three questions:
1. What is hate?
2. How does it develop?
3. What does hate look like in contemporary America?

I attached a word document that includes the following chapters:
Chapter 4 What is Hate?
Chapter 5 Theorizing Hate in Contemporary USA.
Chapter 7 Hate in Contemporary America: Pathology or Opportunism?

Use the attached excerpt from the sourced book to answer the above questions. The book is not easily accessible. I have a copy, via Redshelf, and there is an option to share pages by way of the collaboration tool. I have no idea how to access and share a link to highlighted chapters and page numbers. Apologies in advance for not including actual page numbers in the word doc.

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