Healthcare Planning & Marketing Essay

You are the newly hired Project Manager for Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital. You have been given the task of marketing a new Wellness Program at Saint Joseph Catholic Hospital. In no more than 5 pages, complete your paper, which is a summary of your marketing plan as follows:

Discuss the steps you would take in the Project Management process, which includes assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
How will you assess what is required to complete the project?
What steps would you take in planning?
How would you implement the project?
How will you know the project is successful (evaluation)?
Discuss how you would collaborate with the others within the organization to bring the project to fruition.
Who will be part of the team and why?
What skills would your team have?
Discuss the role of leadership in developing and implementing the plan. Discuss also leadership theories from your textbook that will guide the leader through the project.
Ensure that your paper includes the following:
Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
Health Team
Leadership Techniques

Please complete this assignment according to APA format (7th Edition), which should include the following:
Title Page
Reference Page
In-text citations of original works
Double-spaced throughout