How does your life of human flourishing impact and change the world?

Directions and a Map for how to create your 8 page Design Your Life Master Project
Description for the Final Design Your Life Master Project
– 8 pages typed, doubled spacedno more than 10 pages:
Your thoughts on a Life Worth Living (2 pages). Create a meaning map for yourself; get as close as you can to describing the main planks for you to pursue a life worth living through forms of meaning, purpose, service, experience and care for yourself, others and the world (2 pages).
Your vocation and vision: How does your life of human flourishing impact and change the world? How does it serve yourself, your family, as well as the wider systems of the world (2 pages)?
Your Three Dreams: Create three career trajectories. I know not all of you have discovered a specific set of life dreams, careers and vocations, but get as close as you can to what you want and be as specific as you can in laying out templates of what you want to do with your life (2 pages).
Interviews: Create lists of 10 real organizations; 10 real individuals in those organizations (names); 10 interview questions that can guide you as you go into job interviews and information interviews with people that can enable you to move your dreams forward. This will take some investigation of organizations that are interesting to you; you will also need to investigate individuals in those organizations who would be important for you to reach out to and interview. In some ways this is the most demanding part of this project, because you need to do research and think through organizations and individuals who you might want to work with and for. Remember: People are flattered and impressed when you seek them out, ask them informed questionsin fact, it is not unusual that these information interviews lead to jobs (2 pages).
Finally, use this 8-page document as the constitution of what and how you can create your life worth living. Remember, once this is in place, you now have no excuse but to follow through on this vision and to make it happen. You can use it as a map for your future, editing it, adding to it and making it more relevant as time goes on. This will put you in the best place to succeed, and we want to hear in years to come that your dreams have come true!
– Worth: 55 points.

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