Human Sexuality Applied Activity 2

Words: 262
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

Watch an episode or movie where the main characters have sex* and respond to the following questions:
1. Summarize your movie/show: What did you watch? How is sex depicted in this TV show/movie? [6 points for Content rubric criteria]
2. Expectations: Is this what we expect sex to be like? Is it usually like this? [6 points for Content rubric criteria]
3. Connecting to “real life”: Is it consistent with what we learned about in this course thus far? Are our expectations for sexual activity too high or too low? How might these expectations lead to unhappiness in a real relationship? [8 points for Content rubric criteria]
*Note: I’m definitely not asking you to watch porn. The show or movie does not have to show explicit scenes for you to know the characters had sex.