After reviewing Lessons 2-4/ chapters 2-4, come back here and let’s apply those formal elements and see if we can analyze an artwork from your textbook. In the format of a letter, use the Elements, also called design elements (there are 6 of them) and the Principles of Design (there are 5 of them) from Chapters 2-4 in your Art Appreciation textbook, Chapter 1 in your Music textbook, and Chapter 1 in your drama textbook. Describe an artwork of your choice in one of those chapters, but do not analyze the same piece as your classmates. Use as many of the design elements and principles as you can find and the material used to create this artwork. Many have found it easiest to list each element and principle then describe the art piece to a friend, a family member, or pen pal. Tell this person in the letter all about the art piece that you chose. For example, what is in the background, middle ground and foreground? How is line and color used? You have all of the art terms needed to tell them about this art piece in the aforementioned chapters, now have fun!
Be sure to include an image of the work, name of the artist, date created, what it is made of, and where you found the image.
Cite your resources in MLA format.

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