Identify the behaviors that you need to stop doing and others that you need to start doing.

Instructions: Follow each point as outlined, nothing should be missing.
Each student should prepare a My Personal Leadership Development Plan” in a PowerPoint presentation. The length of the presentation will depend on the value you place on your leadership development.
Using what we learned in class from the discussions, instruments, assignments, and readings, do a complete analysis of your leadership style and effectiveness.
What have you learned about yourself?
What areas do you need to work on to be a more effective leader?
Guidelines for Personal Development Plan
Identify the behaviors that you need to stop doing and others that you need to start doing. It is assumed that over the semester you have reflected on these actions and will want to take steps to change your behavior to become a more effective leader.
Use the five practices of exemplary leadership discussed by Kouzes & Posner (1987). Reflect upon which practice best exemplifies you.
Use any combination end-of-chapter questionnaires, observational exercises, and/or reflection to guide your discussion.
Discuss at least two leadership theories that resonated with you and your style. Do not just write a definition.
Provide a specific list of strategies (i.e. action steps and timeline) for your leadership development and justify them on the basis of your above discussion. That is, show how your discussion of leadership concepts informs your choice of action steps.
Create a leadership development plan for yourself. The plan should be put into effect over the next one to two years.
You should submit
A PowerPoint presentation. As this is a business class, your presentation should reflect business standards in quality, structure, and presentation. Include a title slide. Review consistency of format, font, font size, appropriate use of graphics to text, length of text, etc.
Cite your sources where applicable on each slide (APA style).
Include a References slide in APA format.
PowerPoint slides should contain bullets, not long paragraphs.
Use graphics, charts, pictures to emphasize, not overwhelm, your text.

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