individual goals and group goals

to support the thesis, consider the individual goals of both the key jurors and for the group juror all together. for the individual goals the key jurors #3,#7,and #8 ( “the angry man”, “the salesman”, and “the hero”.) for group goals look at the beginning of the film (up to when juror #5 ” the man from the slums” changes his voice) and again at the end of the film, when juror #4 (” the stockbroker”) votes ” guilty”.

Hidden agendas are individual goals by definition. make sure to discuss them. while juror #3 has an obvious and clear individual goal, his hidden agenda slips out slowly ad doesn’t become fully visible until the very end. ( it seem likely he doesn’t realize his own hidden agenda until that point) Juror #7’s goal ( “the salesman”) wasn’t difficult to see but he denied it when #11 ( the immigrant) confronted him about changing his vote. decide if he is lying or not. whether #8 ( the hero) had a hidden agenda or not is a good question. you may discuss the other juros had hidden agendas as well.

Remember to conclude with a summary of your points and a solid defense of your thesis.

notice the character doesn’t have names they are refereed to by their juror number

left side by wall
juror #12 ” the ad man
juror #11 ” the immigrant
juror #10 the racist
juror #9 the old man
juror #8 the hero

ends of table
juror #1 the foreman
juror #7 the salesman

right side by window
juror #2 the wimp
juror #3 the angry man
juror #4 the stockbroker
juror #5 the guy from the slums
juror #6 the working man