Influence of Instagram and TikTok on generation -z purchasing decision in the cosmetic industry in the Netherlands.

“integrate the variables you propose in the TPB model. Or else, you should use that model to explain the relationships between the variables. Moreover, your research design involves 1) insta vs TiTok and 2) purchase intentions. But what about the other variables? And why would a confrontation between the two platforms (given you can manipulate that condition) lead to a better understanding of theory? Were do these platforms actually differ exactly? What is the underlying variable that you are measuring there? Also, your subquestions are yes/no questions. Try thinking of definitional and explorative or explanatory questions. One more comment: why would looking at cosmetics be interesting? What is the theoretical relevance of your project? e.g. for cosmetics the risk is larger, or more difficult to ascertain than for other products. I think the relationship between social media and perceived risk is very interesting, maybe related to the type of information gathered, or the source trust (as you pose). So having perceived risk as the main DV makes more sense” – this is the feedback I reveived from my professor, please do make changes in the thesis according to tht feedback provided.

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