Via research and interview (live or email communications), identify and profile an example of an organization using data for good, rather than for profit. Describe the organization’s overall mission (which very well may be for-profit) and marketplace in which they operate. Describe its data-for-good initiative. What data is used and where does it come from, whom does it benefit, and how? Describe any analytics involved. Are there any success metrics? Why did the organization embark on a data-for-good initiative? Who is sponsoring and working on it? Do they work on it on their own time? How do they promote their efforts, and/or others to get involved? Ask your interviewee any other questions, or share anything else from him/her you think are important to the story. Share any links or images as appropriate.

*Your submission should be no longer than 500 words. Feel free to submit interview notes in addition to this.

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