Interview an immigrant/refugee about their experiences. Ask open ended questions (at least 5 questions) about their experience. Include perspectives/theories learned in this class.

Assignment Question

Final Paper: You will build on your interviews and write about the perspective of your choosing. A research project where you collect data and explain results. Include surveys/interviews (include references) about 1200 – 2000 words (not including the reference or title page) Directions and Checklist: You will interview an immigrant/refugee about their experiences. You will ask open ended questions (at least 5 questions) about their experience. Your report will include perspectives/theories learned in this class

YOUR PROJECT: Initial Stage: Gathering data Here are some tips on the best interview techniques. The best interview is under an hour. Do not send the questions in writing, you need to talk to them. First break the ice, ask how their day is going, weather, are they tired, just be present in the moment. Then inform them about what you will do (interview them) and why (for your global migrations class, and to get first-hand information about migration) Start the interview by asking some demographic questions about their age, what they do, where they are from, where they live and ask them to tell their story. You can decide how to ask this. For ex: Tell me about your move, how did you decide, what happened etc. Can you tell me your story Write down or record their response and follow up with clarification questions if necessary. Always get a little more info than they offer Ex: Informant: “There was a war in my country” You: What can you tell me about this war? Why it started Or Informant: “I came for school and stayed for work” You: Is that what you wanted? Any surprises or disappointments? Etc. Pay attention to their feelings. If they get emotional, do not jump to the next question. Be an active listener. Respond with some empathy like “wow I can’t imagine what it was like” or “thank you for sharing these” Choose a few questions guided by perspectives/theories and what you learned so far in this class to guide your writing. Don’t ask general theory questions, ask questions specifically related to their lives. For example: Instead of asking “what are the social/psychological aspects of moving?” Ask “What are some of the psychological/social implications of your move? How did you feel? How did you fit in/stand out?” etc. Second Stage: Analysis Here you will analyze your data which is the information/story you got from your informant. You will have a theoretical lens(es) that you will explain their perspective. You can analyze their story from single or multiple perspectives. For example, you can say: This was an economically driven move, but had social and psychological implications. You can explain what they are based on their experience. Or just stay in one field and analyze your information from a single perspective.

Last Stage: Recommendations This is the part you give specific recommendations on what you think next steps can be from your theoretical lens. For example, if you used a political lens, you can give specific policy recommendations or social or economical recommendations, or future research ideas based on the issues you learned from your informant. The external resources, and AI software are not allowed.