Is crime control better for the criminal justice system or do you see due process as the better ideology?

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Packers Crime Control Model of Justice emphasized quick and efficient handling of arrests and convictions of offenders to maintain public order. The model emphasized victims rights. According to the model, even if an officer made a procedural mistake, the evidence should still be allowed because locking up the guilty is more important than protecting his/her Constitutional safeguards.
On the flip side, there was the due process model which focused on the individual rights of the victim and offender. The model stresses a slow and steady process that guaranteed procedures were followed and rights were protected. Police, judges, and prosecutors were to respect procedure and individual rights throughout the entire legal process. It was better to release someone on a technicality than to violate his/her Constitutional rights.
Where do you stand on this? Is crime control better for the criminal justice system or do you see due process as the better ideology? I have prepared a Powerpoint presentation on the topic which is located under Part 1 Powerpoints.
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