Is there a gender pay gap between men and women in Canada and if so, what are the reasons?

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Subject: Write My Paper

Find 1 recently published peer-reviewed journal article (within the last 5 years)
that discusses a topic you are interested in learning more about, and that is appropriate for the
gender and diversity course. This is your main article. Read, critique, and critically think about
what the authors assert. Determine your opinion (what you think) about the topic based on the
one article you have read. What question does this article raise for you? (This is your research
question and you’ll answer it in the paper.)
Then find 2 other peer-reviewed journal articles that discuss the same topic. These articles
may have different perspectives so you can use them as a contrast. Read the articles and
consider where the authors agree or differ from the author/s of the first article. Think again
about your opinion. What information broadened your understanding of the topic? Did your
opinion change based on the collected research? Explain.
Here are some things to think about to develop your critical thinking:
• What are the main findings of each article?
• What are the differences and similarities between the authors’ perspectives and
• Do you think the research findings are valid, practical, or convincing? Are important
issues left unaddressed?
• What’s your opinion? What do you think about what the authors assert? Do you
agree/disagree with the authors? Why?
• What part of the research did you find interesting? What did you learn about your
• Can you answer your question based on these 3 articles? If no, what would you need
to do so you could answer your question.
Prepare a research and opinion paper discussing your opinion regarding the topic based on
these articles. You should use “I” statements in your paper.
Address the following in your paper:
Introduction (about 250 words):
• Name the title and author/s of the main article you chose.
• Briefly state the author/s thesis.
• Why did you choose this article? What are you interested to discover about this topic?
What questions are you trying to answer?
• Name and title of the other two articles
Main part of the paper (about 1000 words):
• State your research question and then answer it. Provide your opinion. What do you
• Offer support for your opinion/viewpoint from the three articles you chose. Also, you
should state where your opinion agrees with or differs from the authors’.
• How can your new knowledge be applied in your work life?
Conclusion (about 50-100 words)
The research & opinion paper should be about 1300-1400 words. Include appropriate citations Nangia, P., & Arora, T. (2021). Discrimination in the workplace in Canada. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 46(2), 147–178.
In text citation^ (Nangia & Arora, 2021)

Nazari, S. (2022). Employment income gap in the Canadian labor market: Intersection of gender, religion and visible minority status. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 42(2), 179–197.
In text: (Nazari, 2022)

Fortin, N. M. (2019). Increasing earnings inequality and the gender pay gap in Canada: Prospects for Convergence. Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue Canadienne d’économique, 52(2), 407–440.

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