The introduction should provide a brief overview of the research topic, including the issues and variables involved in the analysis. You should also define any key terminology that may be necessary to understand the topic. Additionally, you should provide some background research on the topic and review relevant literature. Finally, write clear and concise hypotheses that address the research question.

This section should be focused on presenting the statistical analysis conducted on the data set provided. You should describe the statistical procedures used in the analysis, and report the results using descriptive statistics such as mean, median, mode, range, etc. Additionally, you may include graphs and tables that are relevant to the data set and the statistical analysis. The results should be reported in APA style, including any statistical tests performed and the corresponding p-values.

In the discussion section, you should offer an interpretation of the findings and explain what they mean in the context of the research question. You should also evaluate the results and report whether your hypothesis was supported or rejected with what confidence. Additionally, the discussion section should address any limitations or confounds that may have affected the results, and suggest recommendations for future research studies. Finally, you should relate the findings back to the introduction section and consider whether the results agree with previous research or not, and why.

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