You are the current director at All Kids Childcare and Education and want to design a succession planning program for educators in your program who may want to apply for promotions or leadership roles in the future. You anticipate retiring in the near future and know you will have interested applicants, but will they be ready? You create a leadership training and mentoring plan that will cover leadership skills needed to be an early childhood education program leader. You identify the leadership skills needed, what those skills entail, and how those leadership skills might be practiced.
Instructions Step One: Review what it means to be a leader, the challenges a leader might face, and what leadership development entails. Determine at least ten specific leadership skills you feel are the most important for a program director to encompass. Step Two: Create a three-column chart for the director. The first column should state each leadership skill determined. The second column will describe the skill, and provide an example of that skill being used in early childhood education. The third column will include suggested ways the skill can be learned or practiced for professional development. Part Three: Create a one-page position overview letter explaining to the candidates what makes a high quality director of the childcare program. Use early childhood terminology and concepts to explain your vision. Use examples of your leadership work with children, families, or in the community. You will distribute this along with the chart to educators who may be interested in applying for future leadership roles in your program. Submit both the position overview letter and the chart.