Leadership Road Map

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Please use the attached Leadership Roadmap Word Template Download Leadership Roadmap Word Template to complete this assignment. I have also provided a Sample Download Sample for you to review. You will reflect on what you learned in this course and create an actionable development plan to apply your skills. It is essential to be intentional as you progress on your leadership journey!

1. Answer the question what “Why should anybody be led by you” ? Explain what have you learned and how it will prepare you to be the type of leader that people will want to follow. How will you move from reflection, insight to action?
2. Describe the most important insights or learning points on leadership you believe you have learned from the course. Please make sure to explain why you found the material personally meaningful to you.
2. Assess your own strength and shortcomings as related to leadership (include specific examples that support your assessment of strengths and opportunities for improvement). Use the assessments and material in this course as well as your own observations from your workplace.
3. Discuss and describe actionable and specific steps that you can take in the future to become more effective as a leader (based on your assessment in the previous part and on the material that you learned in class). To come up with the plan, think about how you can capitalize on your strengths and also work on regulating your weaknesses.
4. This assignment will be assessed on how well you have integrated your insights with course material discussed and how realistic your roadmap is.
5. It is critical that your roadmap is based on the material used in class. Successful assignments will link key parts of the paper to the concepts and materials discussed.
6. Follow the rubric – the key to earning all the points
7. Include at least 5 sources on your References page that you use in the body of the paper and are cited properly using APA style writing . The 5 sources should include material from the course, such as the assessments, articles, text. Cite them properly in APA format within the document and in the Reference page. Purdue Owl is a great reference tool links to an external site.!