Lego beach day

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Subject: Premium Writing

focus on Defining using frameworks and tools such as 7Ms of Life Centered Innovation and Kotters 8-Step Change Model as well as any other relevant concepts from course materials to prescribe a process for change within the organization. (LEGO)

Define a clear life-centered innovation strategy for your organization. Demonstrate how your strategy incorporates the Global Goals to pivot the organization toward TBLD+C enterprise practice and unlock market advantage.
Analyze and critique the underlying behaviors of the organization and their current change management process.
Articulate how the organization must shift internal practices to diffuse the life-centered innovation strategy through the organization.
Consider which of the 7Ms must be most urgently addressed
Provide a plan for how leaders might encourage engagement, communicate, execute and monitor changes.
so members of the organization will work to strategically sustain the life-centered innovation. Incorporate financials into your analysis.
Topic: LEGO beach day
Organize activities to pick up trash, because lego uses plastic (environmental protection)
Then you see which one of 7M this event fits
Link to 7Ms of Life Centered Centered Innovation Slide Deck:
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