Letter to huxley

Letter to Huxley

When Huxley wrote his novel of a horrific future, he did not suspect it to reflect our society today. And, as far off as the novel appears to be, the connections drawn to the Brave New World and our current world are astounding.
Write a letter to Huxley as if he were alive today. Explain that you’ve read his novel and some things that he predicted have come true. Once you’ve chosen one thing to compare between our current world and the world Huxley imagined, offer a remedy or solution.
The first two supporting paragraphs should outline in detail a warning from Huxley. The second supporting paragraph should outline how you see Huxley’s warning play out in our world. The third supporting paragraph should be a remedy. How could you fix the problem?
Below is a potential list of things you might consider:
Mankind’s appetite for distraction
Mankind’s lack of concern for the future
Society’s willingness to connect virtually instead of physically
Society’s increasing appetite for consumption
Society’s premium on beauty over substance
Society’s aversion to pain or anxiety
Society’s willingness to let technology control everything
Society’s dependence on drugs
Reading and thinking are not valued

You will receive a separate document on which to write your essay. See the rubric below prior to submitting your essay.


Effective Introduction

Does the first paragraph lead the reader into the letter? Hook or lead? Guiding thesis statement.

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Does the author offer sufficient supporting evidence, so that a reader without prior knowledge of Huxley’s work could understand?

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Is the writing clear and easy to follow and reasonably free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

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