Licking County Sheriffs Department

The selected criminal justice organization is the Licking County Sheriffs Department in Ohio
Identify two decision makers (the identified decision makers must be above the first line supervisor level) within the criminal justice organization you selected in Module 1 who exhibit the characteristics and styles of decision making discussed this week.
In a paper (5 pages minimum), respond to the following using the material discussed in Module 5:
Why is one decision maker effective and the other not so effective? What are the differences in decision making style? Give examples of each.
How are the characteristics of decision makers related to the decision making style that they employ?
What are the traits and characteristics of your chosen decision makers that make them more effective than other decision makers?
Based on the analysis of the decision makers that you have identified, what recommendations would you make for improving decision making in your organization? Provide justifications for your recommendations.
Consider your organization in terms of the models of organizational effectiveness discussed this week. Which model of organizational effectiveness best describes your organization, the Goal Model or the System Resource Model? Why? Give examples. What model of organizational effectiveness do you believe would be best for your organization? Why?
What measures of organizational effectiveness are used in your organization? Are these measures effective? Why or why not? What additional measures of effectiveness would you recommend?
Your responses to these questions should be in narrative and not in bullet point form. The response should be complete, detailed, and use the concepts discussed during this module. You should provide examples in your responses whenever possible. If you conduct interviews to prepare for your response, you should identify the position and responsibilities of the person(s) you interviewed, along with any insight they provided on the subject of the interview.
Cite your resources using APA format.
Your paper is to include:
Title page (includes your name, the assignment name and number, the course and section number, and the date)
Double spaced
Reference page in APA

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