Limitations of the study on which the article is based

In the Review of Article, you will write a review of an academic article focusing on the limitations of the study on which the article is based. You will form some of your own opinions about the validity and value of your article, and eight scholarly references will support those opinions.

Remember, the paper primarily focuses on three limitations of how the study was conducted with suggested improvements to these limitations. This should NOT be a review of the subject that the article discusses. Your POV will pertain to your perceived limitations of how the study was performed. BE SURE TO MENTION THE TYPE OF STUDY. (See attched file as reference)

8 supporting references listed on separate References pages should be in APA format, double-spaced, and cited in the text.
Supporting articles must not be older than 10 years unless you can justify why the particular older source must be used.
Page numbers in the upper right corner

Article link:

I will attach a sample paper for you to reference. You will just need to write the Introduction, Narrative (3 limitations) and a conclusion.