Linkedln project Part 3 of 4: Create A Mock profile for future you

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Part 3 of the LinkedIn Project is an opportunity for you to dream as you think about what your LinkedIn profile will look like in the future 10-15 years after graduation. It should show thought and planning for what you want to accomplish in the future and include more than what you are currently doing. Use everything you have learned in this course to inform your choices in this assignment. DO NOT just include what you are currently doing. You must show plans for what you plan do to in the future. DO NOT put this information online. Create your mock profile in a WORD Document or something similar and convert to PDF to upload.

When coming up with ideas for goals use insights gleaned from viewing other LinkedIn profiles, reading the discussion board articles, the NACE report, the LinkedIn Job Hunting Handbook, and other resources you viewed in the class.

Consider adding graduate school, internships, jobs, certifications, personal projects, and volunteer ventures. You could also talk with some of your professors and see what advice they have about what goals you could set.


Pretend it is 10-15 years after you have graduated. What does your LinkedIn page look like now?

Based on the profiles you viewed in Part 2 of this assignment and the readings done in this class, draft what your LinkedIn profile should look like 10-15 years after graduation. Create this in a WORD document or something similar and convert to a PDF to upload. Be as specific as you can and be realistic about what will benefit your future. Include information for each of the following categories:

Picture of you dressed professionally (may be taken with your phone, obviously use a current picture)
Summary of what you do and the opportunities you are looking for
Work experience (at least 3 jobs and/or internships)
Education (include your graduation date)
Volunteer experience(at least 2)
Skills(at least 5)
Accomplishments such as publications, certifications, patents, special courses, projects, honors & awards, test scores, languages spoken, and/or organizations you are a part of(at least 5)

-Use relevant dates with month and year for when you will accomplish these future plans.

-As far as possible, style your mock profile to look like a real LinkedIn profile.

-Use real companies/organizations you wish to be part of.

-Remember this is a pretend profile for future you. Do not post the pretend information on your real LinkedIn profile or anywhere online.

-Create this in a WORD document or something similar and convert to a PDF to upload.


Submit your document on Canvas and save it for use in Part 4. Label as noted:

IMPORTANT: Name your file: Firstname_Lastname_LinkedIn_3_MockProfile

For example: Jane_Doe_LinkedIn_3_MockProfile