Medical Report Composition

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Medical Report Composition
To earn the 20 possible points, your assignment is to compose a medical document using medical terms that we have covered this semester.
The medical document could be in the form of (use only one):
History and Physical (suggested format)
Consultation Report
Discharge Summary
To earn full credit for this activity, you need to use 25 medical terms from this semester. Terms must come from textbook chapters covered in this semester, and terms may only be used once. You may not list a series of medical terms, such as “patient came to doctor complaining of cephalodynia, gastritis, bronchitis, and dysmenorrhea.” I expect that your report reflects thought and effort. A series of sentences with words thrown together, such as “father had diverticulitis, claudication with anuria, and mother had peritonitis and dyspepsia” will not be accepted.
I do realize that your report may not be medically sound. I do not expect students to produce the same type of entry that would be produced by a doctor or nurse. I do expect that the terms used will be logical.
At the end of your report, number, list, and define the 25 terms from your composition. Cite the reference used for your definitions. To cite your reference, please use APA format and include the author, title, edition, year, publisher, and city. You do not need to include the page numbers for each term used.
Medical Report Compositions will be checked for plagiarism (AI included); in an instance of plagiarism the student will receive zero points for the assignment and the student will be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs.